No mouse, no keyboard

Just you and data

The Data Navigator publicly displays your company data.
keep all employees on the same page
present your company in an attractive and innovtive way to clients



Don't hide your data, show it in the most innovative way in the world!

The Data Navigator publicly displays all of your important information so that everyone has access to it. It can be used inside companies to keep all employees on the same page. It will allow you to make better and data driven decisions, react quickly to opportunities and problems, motivate your team and improve communication between departments. The Data Navigator can be used as an attractive and innovative way of presenting your company outside, for example on conferences.

Intel special recognition

Data Navigator received a special recognition in Intel's RealSense App Challenge!


See how it looks


Data navigator offers many benefits


Quicker reactions

Catch opportunities before it is too late. Take right actions on time to prevent problems. Be always on time with your decisions.


Better decisions

Make your decisions based on your data not blind guessing. Be data-driven company.


Improved communication

Keep everyone in the company on the same page. Avoid miscommunications between people from different departments.


Better motivation

Publicly displays your employees performance metrics to motivate them for hard-working.


Improved feedback

Explore sentiment of clients regarding to your data. Find interesting data, avoid boring charts


Be more innovative

Present your company in an attractive and innovative way. Use your data in new way

How it works

Data navigator use Intel RealSense technology

RealSense cameras feature three lenses, a standard 2D camera for regular photo/video, along with an infrared camera and an infrared laser projector.

Creative Cam

Navigate data naturally

It can't be more intuitive!


Hand gestures

Touch the chart or table with your hand's gestures. The charts and tables are interactive.


Face recognition

Look on YOUR data. Display the personalized dashboard. Additionally, track user's emotions regarding data.


Voice commands

Speak to data. Navigate dashboard naturally with voice commands.

Creating your dashboard is very simple

You can set your dashboard with just a few clicks!

To run Data Navigator you need:

Windows 8.1
You will need a computer with Windows 8.1 operating system.
Intel RealSense Camera
RealSense Camera must be connected to your PC.
Data Navigator Application
Our application is easy to install and configure.

Steps to run Data Navigator:

Define metrics
Define key metrics in your organization - choose data that you want to show.
Connect with data
Connect Data Navigator with your data sources.
View dashboard
Show your metrics to everyone with the Data Navigator.

Data Navigator Team will help you to define metrics, design a dashboard and connect to your data source.


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